Indiana Artists Are Moving to New York to Find Success


A few blossoming Indiana painters are making their mark on the artistic community with their striking new works. Indiana, a place perhaps better known for cornfields and the Indy 500 than for art, has slowly grown over the years into a prominent hotbed for artistic talent. Indiana University and a few of its satellite campuses, such as IUPUI, boast some of the best studio arts programs in the nation.

Rachel Kremidas is from Indiana and went to Indiana University’s Bloomington campus. She quickly rose to the top of her class with her fresh approach to painting. The figures in her early paintings were jagged at the edges and sometimes intentionally clunky in appearance.

The art usually focused on animals and their often dark, hazy relationship with humans. One painting, featured in Bloomington’s Canvas Magazine in 2008, shows three bears wandering around on the grass. Above the bears is a little girl, hanging from a rope that is tied to a tree.

Thus is Rachel’s approach to painting; she is not here to paint pretty pictures or even to get the dimensions or depth of an image quite right. She paints to unsettle her audience. After hosting a few galleries in Bloomington and graduating with her Bachelor’s in Fine Arts from Indiana University’s program, she moved to New York to try to earn a living off of her craft.

Her paintings have evolved over the years. In 2009 the animals remain in the paintings; in fact, her focus became even darker, as some of the paintings include animals placed on the surgery table, surrounded by human doctors, their sharp tools in hand.

Next, her works took a turn to the purely human. In 2010 and 2011, her paintings start to depict groups of people against starkly colored backgrounds. The people (or figures, more accurately) are roughly outlined; all of their shadows are heavy, dark, and elongated. In 2012 the paintings have taken even more interesting turn; now, many of her paintings simply feature clusters of blocks. The humans rarely appear, and when they do, they are nearly unrecognizable.

The progression of Rachel’s paintings has intrigued the artistic community in both Indiana and New York. Her paintings have been purchased in the Midwest and recently featured in various galleries in Brooklyn, New York.

Another Indiana artist, Joel Haffner, moved to New York several years ago with similar ambitions as Rachel. He grew up in Indiana, mostly in Fort Wayne, and then moved to New York to attend the formidable studio arts program at NYU.

Afterward, he began working for a man named Toby, a well established artist in the area, for his day to day living money. He gained credibility as an artist when his painting, The Mountain Queen, was accepted into a book that collected and displayed the best fantasy art available today; the painting can also be viewed on Art Gallery Enc?s website.

Joel?s early works were frequently realistically painted but based on fantasy worlds. He expertly depicted knights in battle, dragons outside of castles, and other beasts. The Mountain Queen is a gorgeous painting that features a crowned woman, her expression tired but ambitious, sitting on an elegant white throne.

Behind her, the mountain she is perched atop drops off into a valley, and the clear, blue sky opens up above her. Intricately detailed shrubs and flowers surround the throne, putting the viewer right into the world of the mountain queen.

While in New York, Joel also worked briefly on an MTV show called “Downtown” as the background paint key painter. As an expert woodworker as well, Joel carved the throne for a model of The Lion of the Punjab, a sculpture constructed in 2011 by various artists. Around the same time, he also used his woodworking talents to help build a model of the Israeli Parliament building to be housed in a government facility in Israel.

Today, Joel lives in Eugene, Oregon with his wife. While he still does work for Toby even today, he concentrates now on his paintings of the beautiful Oregon countryside. He has also fallen in love with photography. He now frequently uses high-powered cameras when traveling and hiking around the state so that he can paint based on his photographs. Recently, one of Joel’s large paintings of the Oregon shore sold at a Eugene gallery for over one thousand dollars.

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How To Choose A Dance School?

dancingDance is a beautiful way to express feelings, thoughts and emotions. Most students learn dance at a beginner level when they are in school.

However, if you want to make dancing your profession, you will have to learn the art at a dance school. You will need to find a dance school that specializes in a specific form of dance that interests you such as, Ballet, Classic or Latin dance schools  like this one.

Choosing dance colleges
Evaluate your needs – Before short-listing dance colleges, we recommend that you sit back and evaluate your needs. Is there a particular form of dance that you are interested in? Popular dance styles include modern jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, Broadway, etc.

If you want to specialize in a particular dance form, we suggest you start by using that dance form as a research tool on the internet. If you are interested in jazz, search for famous jazz dance schools or studios in your locality.

This will throw up several results that you can sort through. It is very necessary for you to be very clear on the type and form of dance you want to specialize in before you take admission in any college.

Faculty – Each dance style will require an instructor that knows the dance form in an out and can teach it to students. Most dance schools and dance colleges encourage students to join as early as possible.

This increases their exposure to the field and ensures that basics of the dance routine are correct. If you like a particular dance form, research the top dancers in the field.

Most dancers also teach and they will be attached to dance schools. You can easily find out where they teach and apply for admission in the same school or college.

Visit the school — Once you have selected your dance form and your school, make sure that you visit the school. The personality and work ethic of the school should match your personality.

For example, a results-driven school that pushes its students to succeed might not be a good match if you are a laid-back personality. After checking the work ethic of the school, make sure that you check the facilities and amenities offered by the school.

Good dance schools will have good dancing floors, large practice halls, full length mirrors, music and other amenities for the dancers. The schools may also offer residential facilities for students.

Important factors
dance1. There is a very good chance that the dance school you like is in a distant city. You or your family may have to relocate to the city to be close to the school.

2. Financial assistance is important. Almost every school will offer financial assistance in the form of scholarships and grants but these are dependent on your scores. Make sure that your academic record is excellent to be eligible for the financial help.

3. Always check the reputation of the dance school. If you hear horror stories about students being overworked, avoid such schools completely.

4. Small schools may seem like they don’t have resources but sometimes they might have the best staff and student — to — instructor ratio.

Once you have chosen the school you want, you will have to apply to the school with your academic transcripts. Please remember that every school will have two to three audition rounds. There is a very good chance that the school will refuse admission if you do not match their skill requirements.


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Tips For Finding The Best Colleges For Music

music-schoolIf you are an aspiring musician or performer, then you are probably looking for good music colleges. First, you have to congratulate yourself for taking your time to look for such music colleges because it proves your willingness to take your career to a professional level. On that note, since you would like to be an expert in music, you have to be keen with the type of college you attend. During the selection process, the following tips should be your major guide.

It is good to come up with a list of all the preferred colleges for music that you may wish to consider. Always remember that even if they are the best in the region, they might not be the best for you and this brings the need for further research. After coming up with the list, it is now time to move on to the next step.

The next step is normally known as the elimination process. This is where you trim your list by choosing the colleges that favor your expectations. You can visit their website and check their credentials, history, policies of admission, the fees and other crucial details such as the Frequently Asked Questions. By the time you are through with this research, you will discover that there are some colleges that do not favor your requirements and for this reason, you may drop them from your list.

After this stage, you can now consider the success rate of each selected college remaining in your list. Find out how their former students are performing in their careers or they have just graduated without any idea of prospering in the music industry. Good music colleges normally have some successful alumni to prove the quality of their training.

Based on the steps above, your list of selected colleges will be reduced to a sizable number. This is when you can decide to visit these music colleges and compare different factors including facilities, music courses, qualifications of their trainers, quality of training, number of students, training programs and others. This helps you choose the best music college that fits your schedule and budget.

The last stage is all about the application process. At this point, your list of selected colleges might be lower than five. It is recommended that you apply for more than one college just in case you are not accepted in your desired first-choice music college. The optional colleges will also be fine for you since they were able to pass the above tests thus proving their worth.

Even before your application letters are approved, you should now start preparing for the auditioning. Depending on the type of institution that you will be joining, you will require letters of recommendation. Some institutions might also require a brief demo of your music skills and this can be delivered in form of video, audio or through performance. Again, this depends on the policies of that particular music college. It will also be necessary to produce your academic documents though most music colleges are never keen on the academic aspect. Instead, they are normally interested in the musical talent or experience of the applicant. With these crucial tips in mind, finding the top music colleges in your area will be a problem of the past. All you need now is to settle in your new college and pursue your dreams to the highest point.

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